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Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, the KAPA teams have stood strong together to uphold our commitments to our partners, suppliers and customers. Day after day however, we have all been struck and distraught by the impact of this pandemic, and have stayed true to our principle of solidarity and our desire to help others .
Whenever it was possible, we have also tried to bring our active support locally to those at the forefront of this pandemic.
In France we donated more than 8 000 bottles of hand sanitizers to local health workers and senior resident homes to support them in their everyday work. As an international group we are also trying to spread this help throughout our network.
Today we are happy to share with you the accomplishment of our office in China. Throughout this pandemic they assured an outstanding performance in maintaining the quality as well as the availability of our products
They have also participated in bringing their help where they could and in an effective manner. Our Kapa Asia offices are happily donated funds and goods to the joined efforts of Unicef in China. This pandemic is reinforcing weaknesses amongst the most vulnerable, in particular women and children. We wish to positively impact a number of sectors to improve their condition and reduce the negative impact of this pandemic.

We are gladly supporting local actions by donating thousands of hand sanitizer bottles to an emergency action entitled 「童你抗疫」衞生行動 ‘for every child, hygiene’, providing toilet disinfection service, delivering hygiene packs, and disseminating educational resources on personal and household hygiene to 10,000 grassroots families living in subdivided flats.
This action aims to strengthen their awareness on hygienic home environment, in particular toilet sanitation, to prevent and control diseases and safeguard the health of disadvantaged children and their families. Furthermore, KAPA Asia has acted their support to 15 remote and deprived counties in China supporting women from destitute families for accessing basic and essential healthcare services before, during and after their delivery, thus reducing newborns dying from preventable causes.
We are very proud to be able to humbly support with an effective and pragmatic donation. I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize again the commitment of our teams to their colleagues but also their community regardless of the scale.