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Sourcing, quality,
pricing, stocking…

Our key advantage is our capacity to support you through each step of product development – defining the product all the way to its delivery to your shelves.

Market Intelligence

We are physically present in markets around the world, to investigate and understand trends, anticipate them, and offer innovative product that meet customer’s needs.
Our ambition, to be the motor of sales for our suppliers and customers, with new products, new formats offering greener and more responsible solutions. Always presented with the best prices.

Sourcing and Purchasing

Over 32 years, we have created a strong worldwide network of suppliers, whilst remaining entirely independent. This position allows us to chose the best production facility for you. The right product, to the right quality standard and at the right price.


Consistently scouting markets, we identify opportunities in them to optimise your offer. We will initiate for your ranges new formats, for example, the first pore patches, multiple dose face mask doypacks, fully compostable coffee capsules etc…
Every day we strive to improve the wellbeing of your consumers and the efficacy of your products


We choose the right manufacturer for you, your product. Our independence guarantees the objectivity of our selection process: the manufacturing efficiency, the production capacity, the specification compliance, the economic performance. We regulate the entire production process , validating the production capacity to ensure the continuity and viability of the product. Through us, without having to be present, you are constantly updated with the assured progress of your project.

Quality control

We engage our responsibility with every product to ensure technical and regulatory compliance. We are committed to the highest standards of selection in choosing our partners: production quality, certification, process guarantee, traceability, respect of intellectual property, ethical and social responsibility.