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We support the development of your product range offer in your categories.
For you, we give you access to a multi-category offer, We give you a one stop solution to your product requirements. A more competitive price, a solid supplier pool throughout your range, and a seamless and efficient procurement chain.

Our products

Our pillars of commitment: ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN and NEED.

Your partner for an AGILE OFFER and SOLUTIONS.

Our INTEGRITY makes the difference.

We are a 100% FAMILY company.

The pursuit of EXCELLENCE is our common thread.

Kapa Reynold’s quality

Each of the factories that we work with is compliant with a strict guideline developed by Kapa.
For your peace of mind, we control the safety of the product during production, but also throughout its life.

We monitor closely

The product’s quality
we look for the factory with the right certifications;

Long-term product;

we audit each process to assure a continuous chain of information;

Production capacity
to ensure the homogeneous quality whatever the quantity that is produced, promoting a long-term commercial relationship with you. To date, the average collaboration time with our partners is over 10 years.